Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air.

Air pollution remains a significant concern throughout the US, indoors and out.  In fact, indoor air, on averages is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Just how bad are things inside many peoples’ homes?  According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, 50% of ALL illnesses are either irritated or caused by […]

How New Carpets Can Make You Sick

“New” can be a wonderful scent.  A new leather coat, new car, fresh coat of paint, new wood furniture.  Ah, nothing quite like it the scent from any of them. Then again, some household odors, even when associated with “new,” aren’t nearly as inviting – in particular, the scent given off by new carpeting and […]

How to Take the Sting Out of Allergy Season.

When spring in the air, there’s always plenty to be excited about, including longer days, abundant sunshine, and more time spent outdoors. But for some, the beauty of springtime is overshadowed by the coughing, congestion, watery eyes, and other symptoms that accompany seasonal allergies. And while over-the-counter and prescription medications can help alleviate allergy symptoms, […]

6 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

You ditched the chemical-filled household cleaners for the more natural ones. Check. You never let anyone smoke in your home. Check. And you scour grocery store shelves for food items made with the best ingredients you can find. Check again. In short, you work hard to keep your home and family as healthy as can […]

Resolve to Enjoy Cleaner Indoor Air in Bedford & Euless

People have all kinds of wild and crazy New Year’s Resolutions. But wild, crazy, spot-on serious, mildly serious, and so on, most such resolutions not only aren’t fulfilled but most, it seems, are soon forgotten. And then there are those designed simply to evoke a laugh as in this abbreviated collection from Stop licking […]