Why You Shouldn’t Cover Your Air Conditioner During the Winter

blogAs you drive through the suburbs of the Dallas/Fort Worth area during the heating season, here’s something you’re bound to see over and over again:  neatly wrapped and tied outdoor AC condensing units.

After all, since covers are sold in the first place, buying them to cover your AC unit must be the smart move, right?  No, not really.

In fact, you can do more harm than good by covering it completely.  Because by doing so, you are creating a haven for furry little critters looking for just such a warm, dry location to ride out the winter.  The problem is, once they get under that plastic or vinyl cover, animals are prone to gnaw away at electrical wires and other working parts, creating repair problems one chomp at a time.

The good news is your outdoor condensing unit was designed to withstand the winter’s cold along with all the snow and ice that might come its way.  But if you still feel more comfortable covering it, then cover the top only.  Some people, for example, will place a tarp across the top and then hold that in place with plywood.  Then at least you’ll keep leaves and other debris from falling into the unit.

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