What You Need to Know About Automatic Zoning

If this is not your first Optimum Air blog, you may recall us talking about signs that your air conditioning system might need some professional attention – one of those being hot and cold spots throughout your house.

Well, that same phenomenon can be caused by having only one thermostat, especially if yours is a multi-leveled house. Take, for example, your summertime experience when it’s nice and cool on the ground floor where the thermostat is located, but hotter than blazes upstairs. That can make it awfully difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Sound familiar? Then there’s a very good chance you don’t need a second or replacement AC system to fix the problem. In fact, the solution could be as simple as installing electronic dampers in your ductwork along with one new thermostat for each zone added. Then, to cure your sleepless night blues, you can raise the thermostat downstairs once you go to bed while lowering the thermostat upstairs for the cool, comfortable sleeping conditions you desire.

For even greater flexibility and energy savings, we can install new programmable thermostats with their own Wi-Fi apps. That would enable you to change settings wherever you might be – provided you have a Wi-Fi connection – to make your home perfectly comfortable upon your arrival, no matter what time of year it might be.

To learn more about automatic zoning and how that can benefit you, contact Optimum Air today.