How to Reduce Your Home Heating & Cooling Costs

Add up your utility bills, write down the amount on a sheet of paper, and then draw a circle around it. You know, your basic pie shape.

Now, neatly dissect that circle in two any way you like: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Then, on one side of the line, jot down these words: “Heating and cooling system utility costs.” On the other side: “All other utility costs.”

Get the picture? Nearly 50% (48%, to be exact, according to the EPA) of the money you spend every month on utilities is earmarked for home heating and cooling systems. And yet, the more you pay, the greater the opportunity to take a big chunk (or slice) out of that unwieldy pie of yours by observing these cost-cutting measures:

Person's hand adjusting a wall mounted thermostat temperature

  • Set your thermostat lower than normal in the winter and higher than normal in the summer. Every degree you can comfortably tolerate puts money back in your wallet.
  • Invest now in one or more programmable thermostats with Wi-Fi access, and you can save even more. Let’s say, for example, that you have your thermostat programmed to raise the heat at 4 PM, about 15 minutes before you normally return home from work and picking the kids up from school. Today, however, you have something to do that will delay your arrival. With a Wi-Fi friendly programmable thermostat, you can delay the change of temperature to suit your schedule to a tee.
  • By adding another zone or two to your home, you can enjoy complete comfort in the rooms you’re currently occupying while lowering or raising the thermostat (depending on the time of year) in those rooms or areas you aren’t.
  • Strategically placed ceiling fans also can help generate some significant utility cost savings. Just be sure to buy two-directional fans so you can save money all year long. During the cooling season, the fan will draw warm air up to the ceiling, making your living space more comfortable without any need to lower the thermostat. The exact opposite happens during the cold weather months when you run the fan in reverse.

This is just a sampling of the many things you can do to conserve energy while cutting your monthly utility costs. Here’s another: contact Optimum Air today to request preventative maintenance service for your heating or cooling system, depending on the time of year. We’ll thoroughly clean and inspect your system to help ensure it runs at peak efficiency. At the same time, annual preventative maintenance reduces – and often eliminates – the need for system repairs. Optimum Air: we’re all about helping you live as comfortably AND affordably as possible.