How to Cut Your Home Heating Bills

The autumn chill is here and those cold winter temps will be in our midst before you know it. And that can only mean one thing – higher home heating costs. But you don’t have to bundle up from head to toe to stay warm and still keep your heating bill in check.

Here are 5 “tricks of the trade” to save a little green without sacrificing your family’s warmth and comfort this heating season.

  1. ac repair arlington txLet the Sun In – One of the easiest things you can do to lower your heating bills is to pull back the drapes and raise the blinds when the sun is out, especially on south-facing windows that capture the warmest afternoon sun. Once the sun goes down, pull the drapes closed to keep all that warm air in.
  1. Stop Drafty Doors – Keep drafts out and warm air in with inexpensive and easy to use door draft guards. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own with some foam pipe insulation, double sided tape or iron-on Velcro, and a bit of fabric. The best part is they are also great at keeping cool air from escaping during the summer.
  1. Test for Air Leaks – Air can leak from all kinds of places in your home, like windows, doors, electrical outlets, and areas where plumbing pipes enter the house. To test for possible air leaks, hold a piece of toilet paper in front of the suspected area. If the toilet paper moves, you have a crack or gap that needs to be sealed or insulated.
  1. Run Your Ceiling Fans in Reverse – By running your ceiling fans clockwise, they’ll push warm back down into your living spaces, thus allowing you to lower the thermostat a degree or two without any loss of comfort.

Here at Optimum Air, we also encourage you to have your heating system professionally maintained, faithfully, once a year. That alone will help your system run better, last longer, and keep your monthly utility costs in check. Heating system cleanings and inspections are a specialty of the house at Optimum Air, so contact us today and allow us to help keep your system at the peak of its operating and energy efficiency.