Home Furnace Inspection in Euless & Grand Prairie

Almost without exception – and if there are exceptions, we’re having a hard time coming up with them – home heating and AC system inspections are the most valuable services we offer.  And this being Fall, we want to concentrate on home heating for now.people being happy

So what makes a heating system/furnace inspection so “all fired” important?  So glad you asked:

  • Annual service greatly reduces the risk of furnace repairs
  • If a repair issue does arise, it’s likely to cost less than it would without annual preventive maintenance
  • Annual cleanings and inspections increase your system’s operating efficiency, and that means lower energy costs
  • With annual service, you can also look forward to quieter operation and added safety

And the kicker of all kickers?  You get all that added peace of mind at a very low price.  To top it all off, your furnace will probably last longer, too, with annual maintenance – and that saves you even more money

That’s why we urge you to contact Optimum Air Co. today to schedule service, and if you mention this blog, we’ll deduct $10 from our already low price.  We look forward to bringing added comfort, safety, and savings to your home – very soon.