Current Trends in Home Renovation.

More and more, homeowners are demanding building and remodeling products and design ideas that are equal parts practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers are reading you loud and clear, as are their kindred builders and contractors, all responding with fresh ideas on how to save energy, reduce visual clutter, and create living spaces that do more for today’s busy families.

So whether you’re thinking of building your own home, tackling a full blown home remodel, or a smaller scale renovation, here are 5 trends that might just fit into your plans.bathroom

  1. Sun Tunnels – More cost-effective than skylights, sun tunnels (also known as solar tubes) are a great way to bring natural light into a home. They connect from the roof to a ceiling and can be installed in just about any room.
  1. Combo Electrical Outlets – Smartphones and tablets and laptops, oh my! Now you can make charging all those devices more convenient by incorporating combination electrical outlets/USB ports into key areas like the kitchen, family room, home office, and near bedside tables.
  1. Hidden Kitchen Outlets – While electrical outlet covers now come in stylish colors and finishes, they still tend to break up the look of a beautiful backsplash. Now you can neatly have them tucked under hanging kitchen cabinets while still keeping them accessible.
  1. Floor Vents – Nothing breaks up the look of a beautiful hardwood or natural stone floor like an unsightly floor vent.  Well, in addition to decorative oil-rubbed bronze, cast iron, and sleek brushed aluminum, we’re now seeing flush mount vents custom crafted from the same material as the flooring, like tile and hardwood.
  1. Attic Air Conditioner – Many air handlers are housed in sweltering attics. A current “green” trend is to build the air conditioning unit in a “conditioned” room, so it cools itself, thereby running more efficiently and extending its lifespan.

If you’d like to learn more about relocating your own air handler and other green heating and cooling tips, contact Optimum Air today.  We’re all about helping you maintain maximum levels of indoor comfort, for less.