Creative Summer Activities for Your Kids in Arlington and Bedford

With school out and the kids home, are you struggling to come up with fun and interesting things for them to do.  Maybe one or two things that might actually teach them something worthwhile?

Well, now you can replace “Mom, I’m BORED!” with “Can we do that AGAIN?!” by engaging in one or more of the following activities: summerFuN

  1. Lawn Art – Lay an old sheet on your lawn and secure the corners with wooden stakes (or long nails). Fill bowls with various colors of child-safe paint, provide your kids with sponges and brushes, and watch as they create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  1. Pool Noodle Race Track – Split two pool noodles in half, length-wise, then secure the halves side by side with toothpicks. Prop one end up on a chair or box, and see whose marble rolls down to the finish line first.
  1. Giant Human Bubble Machine – Make a bubble solution using 5 gallons of water and 10 cups regular Dawn dish soap. Poor it into a small plastic kiddie pool, put a hula hoop in the bottom of the pool and have your child stand in the center. Then, slowly lift the hula hoop up around your child to create one giant bubble after another.
  1. Water Bed – Fold plastic sheeting in half and tape the open ends together with duct tape. Be sure to leave a small hole to fit a garden hose. Fill with water and add some food coloring and tape the hole shut. Don’t overfill it, however, or the water won’t slosh around in the water bed. You can even run a lawn sprinkler over it for a fun twist on a slip ‘n slide.
  1. Hula Hoop Hideout – Pin or sew the top edge of a sheet around a hula hoop by folding the sheet over and securing it to itself. Tie long pieces of twine or thin rope to the hula hoop and suspend it from a tree. Place a few blankets or pillows underneath for a cozy reading, snack, or nap nook.

When it’s time come back inside, mostly what you want is to carry on with your day in cool, comfortable surroundings.  Well, if you’re suddenly robbed of that by a faulty AC system, then just pick up the phone and call Optimum Air for a prompt action and extremely dependable results.