Air Conditioner Warning Signs in Euless & Grand Prairie, TX

Mother And Daughter Surfing Net On LaptopWhen is an air conditioning system top of mind?  Pretty much only when it needs to be turned on, and when either stops working altogether.

Well, there’s a grey area in there that you should be equally alert to.  And that’s when the system is working, but not as well as it once did.  Because that’s the time to call for professional service:  before a complete breakdown occurs and the repair bill is likely to be considerably higher.

Here are the most common warning signs that are practically screaming “Notice me!”

  • Huge spike in your electricity bill.  If your household electricity usage is at normal levels but your next bill shows a large price increase, the likely culprit is your AC system.  Something is going on that’s requiring it to run longer to help keep you cool, and whatever that “something” is, it’s not going to get better by itself.
  • Hot & cold spots in your home.  If not all rooms are being cooled evenly, then any number of things could be wrong, including problems with one or more thermostats, a leak in your ductwork, or even ductwork with restricted airflow.
  • Frequent thermostat adjustments.  If you have to keep lowering the thermostat setting to achieve your ideal temperature, then again you could have a problem with the thermostat or your system could just be showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Excess buildup of dust.   If you find yourself dusting more than usual and, at the same time, your AC system is staying on longer than usual, then there’s a good chance you have a dirty or clogged filter or that your ductwork is so clogged with dirt and other pollutants that it’s restricting airflow and needs to clean.
  • The age of your system.  Not sure when your AC system was built?  Then jot down the serial number you’ll find on the metal tag on your condensing unit or air handler (or from your original paperwork) and call the manufacturer to find out.  The average system lifespan is 12 – 15 years, so if yours is at near there, you might want to start looking for a new system now before you have no choice.

At Optimum Air, we service and repair all makes and models of home air conditioning system.  We can also design and install a new or replacement system for your home:  one that will fit your home and budget very comfortably.  Call us today to request a free in-home quote.