5 Home Maintenance Warning Signs

blogIsn’t it great to get a little advance notice before something is about to go wrong? Like the little light in your car telling you to schedule an oil change before it gets dangerously low. Or the bars on your smartphone indicating you had better charge it before the battery dies.

Well, your home gives you its own fair share of non-verbal warning signs, too, and each one is well worth paying attention to. Here are just a few of the more common variety:

  1. Flickering Lights – You might think the flickering lights in your dining room or bedroom are the ghost of your great aunt Edna, but the more probable cause is an overloaded circuit. Of course, if only one bulb is flickering, chances are it’s loose in its socket or needs replacement.
  1. Phantom Flush – A toilet that is constantly refilling itself is not only annoying, but wasteful. The chain might be too tight and preventing the flapper seating fully, or the valve and flapper might just be worn and need replacing.
  1. Musty Odors – If an area of your home smells musty, or you see mildew forming on surfaces, the humidity level in your home might be too high, thus enabling condensation to form on cold surfaces. Increase air movement with a fan, use a dehumidifier, or add insulation to the at-risk space.
  1. Odd-Tasting Tap Water – If your water has a metallic taste to it, copper or iron might be leaching from your pipes. If you taste chlorine, your municipal water company might have gone overboard on disinfectant. That’s worth a phone so you can at least rule out the possibility. And if it’s not the fault of the water company, you might need to have your plumbing system flushed out. An under-the-counter water purify can also remove bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants that are responsible for the foul taste.
  1. Snap, Crackle, Pop – Changes in outdoor temperatures and fluctuating humidity levels can cause parts of a house to expand and contract, resulting in creaks, groans, snaps, and pops.

Another cause of snapping and popping noises is restricted airflow through your air ducts. If the noises persist, it’s time to call in the home comfort professionals at Optimum Air. We’ll come out to your home to examine your ducts and AC system in general to determine the source and cause of the noises, and then present you with a guaranteed upfront price to correct the problem. Contact us today for more information or to schedule service. We’re always glad to help.