5 Benefits of Heating Preventative Maintenance

We’re going to share a little secret with you. But unlike most secrets, we’re not going to ask you to keep this one to yourself. In fact, we’d like you share it with anyone you think might benefit from what we’re about to relate.

The sad fact is that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, most home owners do not have annual preventative maintenance performed on their home heating systems. Not because they don’t think it’s a good idea. Not because it costs too much money. Actually, there are three primary reasons for such widespread avoidance:

  • They simply don’t think about it unless (and until) a repair issue crops up, and then there’s some serious self-forehead-smacking going on as people chastise themselves for having forgotten to schedule such an important and beneficial service.
  • They’re afraid that heating system problems will be uncovered during the inspection portion of preventative maintenance that they would prefer not to deal with at the moment.
  • Or, they don’t know who to trust, so they simply do nothing and hope for the best.

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It might take more than a blog to overcome your particular objections, but nonetheless we’re going to give it a shot. Let’s start with 5 AWESOME and irrefutable reasons to have preventative maintenance scheduled each and every year:

  1. If yours is a newer system, your warranty could be cancelled for the lack of preventative maintenance as performed by a qualified heating professional.
  1. Every year, your heating system undergoes a little more wear and tear until, after an average lifespan of 15-20 years, it fails completely. But, with attentive and annual preventative maintenance service, you can extend the lifespan of your system and help improve its performance, one cold winter at a time.
  1. The better and more faithfully it’s maintained, the less it will cost you to operate your system.
  1. Your home and family will be safer, too, with annual preventative maintenance. At Optimum Air, our tune-up and inspection process includes safety steps that can help prevent electrical fires along with gas and carbon monoxide leaks, just to name a few heating system safety concerns.
  1. You’ll simply be more comfortable, and isn’t that the whole point?!

Okay, and now we’re going to prove to you, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there’s nobody more trustworthy or better qualified to perform preventative maintenance on your heating system than Optimum Air. Okay, to be perfectly fair and honest, that’s something we CAN’T do in a blog, but we’re pretty sure we can demonstrate our worth to you and your family if you’ll just give us that opportunity.

Tell you what: if you think it might be time for preventative maintenance on your heating system, then contact Optimum Air Co. today. We’ll do a great job, but more than that, we’ll give you a guaranteed upfront price while guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. That’s a pretty good start, don’t you think?