Winter Humidity Control in Mansfield and North Richland Hills

We have friends, relatives, and even a couple of our own employees who suffer in varying degrees from dry indoor air during the winter months.

And while they all have different home remedies and lotions they swear by, most of the measures have little if anything to do with solving the problem. That’s something we’d like to help you with.

But first, let’s recognize that dry, itchy skin is just one of the symptoms of overly dry indoor air. Here are others:Optimum Air Co.

  • Static electricity
  • Hard-to-manage hair
  • Wood that dries up and shrinks
  • Your indoor temperature feels colder than your thermostat indicates
  • Even worse, dry air aggravate or even cause such upper respiratory ailments as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies

Who needs any of that stuff, right? Especially when there are some fairly simple ways to add humidity to your home this and every winter:

  • Buy some house plants or add to your existing collection.
  • Decorate your home with bowls of water and place them in strategic locations around your house. When the water evaporates, refill the bowls, or just keep them filled on a regular basis. Even better!
  • Anytime you cook something in the oven, leave a pot of water on the stove. The water will naturally heat up and, once again, help add much needed humidity into the air.
  • Try showering with your exhaust fan off and, after leaving the bathroom, leave the door open so the steam can travel.
  • Hang clothes up to dry indoors instead of using your dryer.

Looking for a more global solution? At Optimum Air, we have it: a whole-house humidity control system, one that we can attach to your furnace so moisture is being added to the heated air at the rate you control. In the summer, the system works in reverse by removing excess humidity. And that spells added year-round comfort plus lower energy costs.

For more information or a free quote on a new humidity control system, contact Optimum Air today.