Why You Should Decorate with Mirrors in Irving and Mansfield

As obvious and magnetizing as they can be, mirrors are often over-looked when redecorating comes to the fore of your “to-do” list.  And yet with their ability to reflect anything that comes their way, including light, they can instantly brighten and refresh any area of your home, not to mention making rooms look bigger.

Still, there’s both an art and science on where and how to hang your mirrors, so here are some tips we’re confident you’ll find useful: nicebathroom

  • Make it a focal point.

One large or a grouping of smaller mirrors can be a productive and affordable way to create a major indoor focal point.  Or, do like the really chic hair dressers do, and have a large mirror framed, place it on the floor and lean it up against a wall.  Talk about a topic of conversation!

  • If your room is already interesting, now you can make it doubly interesting.

As you weigh the expensive art vs. mirror option, “mirror” already wins if this is a budget contest.  And yet if you splurge just a bit more, you can have the best of both worlds by having your mirrored framed to suit your taste and décor.

  • The faux window option.

Want to really shake things up for family and guests alike?  Than hang a mirror across from a window, and pretty soon people won’t know if they’re coming and going, but will most certainly have fun seeing double.

  • The vanishing wall trick.

What happens when you cover an entire wall with a mirror?  The wall disappears and the room appears to go on indefinitely.

  • Energize a living space.

Mirrors are dynamic in the sense that they capture and repeat everything that goes on around them.  That in turn, brings action and multiple other feelings into a room, including added warmth around the holidays, especially if there’s a fireplace to be reflected.

Here at Optimum Air, we have our own unique ways to bring added warmth and comfort into and all around your home.  So if your heating or AC system is doing everything you expect, call us and we’ll make all the right changes for the better.  And always with a guaranteed upfront price.