“Why is My AC System So Noisy?” Home Comfort Advice in Mansfield & North Richland Hills.

blogEven if it’s brand new, your central AC system is going to make at least a little bit of noise. That’s just part of the dual mechanical processes of moisture condensation and air movement.

And yet there’s a difference between normal noise and hideous racket, as you can well imagine. The kind of noises you should consider par for the course and do nothing about include the following:

  • If your bedroom is right next to where your outdoor condensing unit is located, you’re bound to hear it.
  • The sound of air flowing your ductwork is also pretty common, but largely absent in newer, high efficiency models.
  • As your air ducts expand and contract, you might hear an occasional popping sound – again, nothing to worry about.
  • One stage systems turn on and off as needed, and you will definitely hear both functions as they occur.

And now for the kind of noises that should prompt you to pick up the phone and call a professional HVAC company:

  • Grinding
  • Squealing
  • Banging
  • Clanking

Those even sound bad, don’t they? Here are a few of the more frequent causes on unfriendly and unpleasant AC system noises we encounter:

  • Compressor motor – Your outside condensing unit contains a compressor which, in turn, includes a motor with numerous working parts. Over time, various parts can rust or start to come loose. As that happens, you might also notice a reduction in cooling effectiveness.
  • Debris – If you have overgrown shrubbery near your outdoor unit, eventually it’s going to interfere with fan operation.       So keep shrubs neatly pruned and at least a foot away from the condenser at all times.
  • Fan motor – There’s also a motor inside your heat exchanger, the indoor portion of your AC system. And, once again, the longer a motor is in use, the more prone it is to make loud noises, sometimes caused by bearings in desperate need of lubrication.
  • Fan cage – The fans in your indoor and outdoor units both have cages to protect you and the motor from harm. But if anything should happen to the cage, that in turn can come in contact with fan blades, and thereby causing more problems than just noise.

Our advice? Actually, it’s twofold:

  • First, with annual preventative maintenance performed by Optimum Air, most AC problems – including unpleasant noises – can be avoided in the first place.
  • Still, anytime you encounter a noise that just doesn’t sound right, give us a call for prompt service along with expert diagnosis and repair.

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