What Goes into a Furnace Tune Up

Just like with most things in life, there’s the right and plenty of wrong ways to do everything. Here at Optimum, we trained and worked in the field for many long years to perfect the art of a furnace tune-up and inspection – not to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, but to ensure you have the most reliable source of home heating possible.

So yes, it makes a huge difference who you call for your annual furnace tune-up, and we’re here to explain and demonstrate why we would prove to be an excellent choice for you.

At Optimum air, we perform a multi-point heating system tune-up and inspection that accounts for all mechanical, electrical, and safety functions.  That enables us to achieve the following objectives on your behalf:

  • More reliable operation
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Fewer and lower cost repairs
  • Fewer (if any) interruptions of service
  • Added personal safety
  • Lower heating costs

Here are just some of the steps we employ during our tune-up and inspection process (these will vary by the type of system you have):

  • Clean or replace air filter as needed
  • Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  • Test safety and control circuits
  • Test exhaust system for proper venting
  • Test thermostat for effective and accurate operation
  • Brush, clean and vacuum the burner & heat exchanger
  • Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
  • Lubricate all moving parts according to manufacturer instructions
  • Inspect for gas or carbon monoxide leaks
  • Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring

Still, how do you KNOW you’re getting as much or more than you expect from Optimum Air. We offer these added guarantees and assurances to help put your mind at ease:

  • Guaranteed upfront price quotes
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency repair service
  • Well-stocked trucks for faster job completion
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians
  • All your questions answered in plain English
  • Friendly, courteous, and professional support service

For best results, you should have your home furnace tuned up and inspection once a year. So, if it’s been a year or longer since your last service was performed, contact Optimum Air today to make it happen – in a hurry.