What Causes an AC System to Freeze Up

If you have ever experienced a frozen air conditioning system, you know the symptoms. The house is too warm. Water may be dripping from the ceiling. Sometimes you can hear the system running, but there is no cool air coming out of the vents. Ice and frost have built up in your air conditioning system, making it all but useless.

Yes, you may know what the problem looks like, but how about what causes it? Or better yet, how to fix it? Well, for that, read on.

Dirty, Blocked Filter666666

The most common cause of a frozen air conditioning system in throughout the DFW area is a dirty filter. To prevent that from happening, clean or replace your filter at least every 60 days to start until you get the hang of it and see firsthand just how often it really needs to be cleaned.  If your system is already frozen and you see that your filter is hopelessly blocked, turn the AC off and just run the fan. This will help thaw the ice.

Dirt can also cause get into your cooling coil or evaporator, thus resulting in restricted air flow.    If the coil is dirty, or if the system freezes again after replacing the filter, contact Optimum Air for assistance.

Low Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is meant to remain inside your outdoor unit.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t spring a leak, one that can eventually cause your system to freeze up.  This isn’t something you can check yourself; but we can, so if your house just won’t cool off as desired, contact Optimum Air for expert troubleshooting.

Drainage Problem  

Drainage problems are often causes of a freeze up. As your home begins to cool off, your AC unit condenses water vapor into liquid which drains outside. If the coils are frozen, the ice will cause a blockage for the drain hole. The AC still runs, but doesn’t properly cool the home and uses a lot more electricity.

Whatever the cause might be, you want to report an under- or non-performing AC system right away.  Because if the coil is frozen and the problem is corrected soon enough, it can damage the compressor.  If the damage is extensive enough, the compressor and perhaps even the indoor air handler might have to be replaced.  And that’s more than an expensive repair – that’s the cost of a brand new system.

Contact Optimum Air as soon as you’re convinced your AC system is legitimately impaired and not just being finicky.  The quicker we get out to see it, the faster we can restore the cool, comfortable air you expect. Plus, waiting too long could end up costing you a lot more money.