The Truth About Air Conditioning.

blogDuring the summer months here in the DFW area, there are two kinds of people:  those who have air conditioning in their homes, and those who don’t.  Among those who don’t, there are also two kinds:  people who genuinely don’t want central AC in their homes, and those who do but have one or more misgivings that keep them from making the plunge.

It’s to this latter group we’re speaking now, especially since we’ve heard all or certainly many of your misgivings before.  And now we’d like to dispel at least a few of them.  Not to try to persuade you into making a purchase, mind you – simply to help ensure that your decision is as fully informed and myth-free as possible.

Myth 1: It costs an arm and a leg to install and run. While anything other than window or portable units aren’t exactly cheap, they also can be surprisingly affordable on almost any budget.  From mini-duct systems to a ductless mini-split, Optimum Air has a solution we’re confident you can live with, comfortably and affordably.

Myth 2: It requires a lot of messy remodeling. If your home does not currently have ductwork in place and you prefer a ducted AC system over other options, well, those ducts have go somewhere.  Perhaps in drop ceilings of soffits – and yes, then it can get somewhat messy.  On the other hand, once you take a closer look at your ductless and mini-duct system options, you’ll see just how clean and simple the installation process can be.

Myth 3: Air-conditioning outlets and vents stand out like a sore thumb. Gone are the days of unsightly grilled cooling vents. Instead, vents and outlets can blend seamlessly into your floors or ceilings and even match your home’s décor.

Myth 4: Air conditioning is noisy. This isn’t your grandma’s noisy air conditioning. From the air handler to the ductwork, you can get the cooling comfort you need with the whisper quiet performance you desire.

Myth 5: HVAC appliances can only do one job – heat or cool.  Thanks to ductless mini-split and heat pump home comfort systems, you can now get both heating and cooling from one appliance. Plus, they are easy to install, able to be zoned, and the most energy-saving options of all.

If a lack of all the facts – or the wrong “facts” – are keeping you from enjoying your Dallas area summer months inside your own home, contact Optimum Air today.  We’ll answer all your questions, explain your various options, and who knows – maybe an installed AC system is in your future after all.