The Benefits of Whole – House Zone Control

Creating zoned heating and cooling within your home is a relatively simple process, which can create added indoor comfort and reduced energy costs.

A zoned HVAC system supplies only the amount of warm or cool air you select for each zoned area.

There’s one damper and one thermostat for each zone.  Most homes with zoned heating control have two zones, one upstairs and the other downstairs.  But there are plenty of other options depending on the style of your home and how much control you want for its different rooms, areas, or floors.

Zoned home comfort systems are designed to reduce your monthly energy bills and, when you conserve energy, you help to conserve natural resources.

Having multiple zones also results in total comfort where you need it, which can change from hour to hour, day to day and, yes, season to season.

Other Ways to Gain More Heating & Cooling Control.

Since zone systems can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%, it’s definitely worth considering, especially if you’re already paying too much or just looking for ways to reduce your monthly overhead.

Here are a few additional ways you can reduce your monthly energy costs:

  • Install an electric heater.  These are great options in areas like your sun porch and finished downstairs basement – here, they’re especially efficient as heat rises and then will bounce back again.
  • Install a wood pellet stove. Among the many wood-burning stoves available, pellet stoves are the easiest to operate. What’s more, pellet stoves are smoke-free which means you won’t have to air out a room or worry about subsequent dry air or unpleasant odors.
  • Install one or more ceiling fans. Ceiling fans with a two-way switch for clockwise and counter-clockwise operation are effective at reducing utility costs all year long.

For more information on HVAC zone control, contact the home comfort specialists at Optimum Air today.  Helping you live more comfortably and affordably is what we do best.