The Advantages of a Variable Speed Air Conditioner in Arlington & North Richland Hills, TX

blogAn air conditioning system is something you buy every 10 years or so.  Which is to say, it’s very easy to forget everything you learned from one purchase to the next.

Then again, even if you have total recall, things change so much and often enough in the HVAC world that, at the very least, you’re going to need a refresher course.

And while there are several things to consider before making your purchase, we’d like to call special attention to the optional variable speed feature.

Most older central air systems operate on one speed.  What’s more, once they reach the desired temperature, the fan shuts off and then turns itself back on automatically when more cool air is needed.

Variable speed systems, on the other hand, never shut off.  They simply adjust fan speed according to match the need for more or less cool air.  Here’s how that can benefit you:

  • Just as you use more electricity when you turn light bulbs on and off frequently, one-speed AC systems consume more energy than variable speed systems because of how hard they must work to reach the desired temperature, and often several times a day.  Conversely, variable speed systems use less energy, and that saves you money.
  • Variable speed systems feature super quiet operation.  Plus, you won’t be woken up in the middle night, like you may be now, when your one-speed system suddenly turns back on when there’s not another sound in your house.
  • Variable speed systems tend to last longer, too.  Never turning off – unless you shut it off manually – results in less wear and tear vs. frequent on and off cycling.
  • Improved indoor air quality.  If your AC system includes a whole-house air filtration system, then a variable speed system will help provide you with cleaner indoor air.  That’s because built-in air purifiers work only when the AC fan is operating, and since it operates all the time in variable speed heat exchanger, the air is constantly passing the air purifier’s filter.

Yes, there’s still a lot to consider before you purchase a new AC system, but there’s also a lot more to enjoy.  For answers to all your questions and help in obtaining exactly the right system for your home and budget, contact the indoor comfort professionals at Optimum Air today.