Spring Home Decorating Tips in North Richland Hills and Arlington, TX

Springtime is all about renewal, especially when it comes to home decorating. It’s also prime season for home decorating professionals and top designers to flood you with fabulous ideas for that special “makeover”.  And while advice is free, implementing it isn’t and, as you can imagine, many home decorators’ tips are anything but inexpensive.

Still, there are a number of easy, inexpensive, and wonderfully creative things you can do to give your home a fresh look for spring and beyond.  Here are a quick 5, just to get you thinking.cleaning-lady

  1. Wash the windows. Dirty windows make the entire house look dirty. You’ll be amazed how sparkling clean windows not only lift your spirits but make everything around them look cleaner, too!
  1. Replace “weighty” winter curtains! Whether they’re in your bedroom, living room or den, nothing closes in a room and makes it gloomy more than curtains that are too bulky and drab. Now is the perfect time to replace them with sheer curtains. Select fun, colorful patterns — light and wispy, and ready to welcome in those spring breezes and freshness – and watch your rooms lighten and brighten up!
  1. Change the hardware. Here’s a kitchen makeover idea most people never even think of – changing the hardware. It’s quick, easy and perhaps the least expensive way to make it look like you’ve spent a whole lot more to bring your kitchen up to date. You’ll be amazed at the wide selection of knobs, pulls and even hinges in all kinds of colors, shapes and materials. From brass and nickel to wood and glass, the choices are endless.
  1. Splash the walls with color! Paint. It’s still one of the most effective ways to change a look, freshen a room, make a statement, and express your creativity! Try painting, for example, three walls in your kitchen one color, and then use a complementary color for the fourth.
  1. Throw it on the floor! All you need is an inexpensive throw rug in any room or entryway to bring it to life. Once again, you’ll find an abundant selection of colors, themes, and materials.

Next, how about a spring makeover that you can’t see, but you can definitely feel – pretty much 24/7.  We’re talking, of course, about a replacement air conditioning system.  On the other hand, if your system is still in its prime and tender years, then maybe all it needs is preventative maintenance from the home comfort specialists at Optimum Air.  With our multi-point cleaning and inspection service, we can help prevent repairs and curb your monthly utility costs.  Talk about a breath of fresh air!