Prepare Your Home for Winter’s Arrival

There are so many ways to prepare your home for winter that they won’t all fit in a single blog.  We know because we published one on this very subject last fall, and nothing (except one crucial item) will be duplicated in this one.

So taking it from the top, here’s what you can do to better protect your home and family from some of the ravages of winter:

  1. blogTurn off your outdoor faucets and store your garden hoses for the winter after thoroughly draining them of all stored water.
  1. Trim shrubs and trees before an early winter storm can pile on wet snow or freezing rain and cause serious damage to them.
  1. If you plan on burning wood indoors, have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected. That should be an annual given.
  1. Inspect your winter tools and equipment just in case you end up needing them later on. That way, you can make any repairs before pressing them into service.
  1. Stock up on winter supplies – including bottled water and non-perishable foods – in advance. When a major storm threatens our area, it’s not uncommon for hardware stores to run out of essential items like those plus shovels, roof rakes, salt, and sand. By stocking up now, you’re not being selfish, just cautious.
  1. Winterize your grill, patio furniture, and lawn ornaments. Disconnect your grill’s gas supply if you don’t plan on using it over the winter, and then clean and cover the grill. If you have space in your garage or basement, it’s a good idea to store patio furniture and accessories for the winter, especially something as fragile as a patio umbrella.

And now for what we can do to help you and your family prepare for winter.  At Optimum Air, we’re indoor comfort specialists who strongly advise you to have your heating system cleaned and inspected no less than once a year.  That’s the best way we know of to ensure problem free performance, cleaner indoor air, added safety, and lower utility costs.  Call us now or anytime to schedule service, and then sit back and let the cold air come.  After all, it’s not like we can stop it anyway!