Is Your Air Conditioning System Making You Sick? Grand Prairie and Irving

Man lying in bed with a flu

Cable network news shows or romance novels have a better chance of making you sick than you your air conditioning system, so let’s call that a great big “No!”

Still, you ask, “Why do I feel lousy every time I run my AC system?” Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Cool, conditioned air, by definition, runs through ductwork before it enters your living spaces. And en route to cooling you off, it picks up and distributes whatever might be laying it its path, including things like bacteria, mold spores, pesticides, dust and dust mites, chemical cleaner by-products, and all kinds of other particles very capable of triggering coughs, runny noses, headaches, and more.

So if it FEELS like your air conditioning system is making you sick, you need to contact a professional, all right, but not a medical specialist. You need to contact the indoor air quality specialists at Optimum Air Co. Here, we can introduce you to the benefits of our various indoor air quality products, including whole-house air cleaners, UV lamps, whole-house dehumidifiers, and more.

We can also recommend and perform a system cleaning and inspection – something that should be done a minimum of once a year even under the best of circumstances. In fact, you’d be amazed just how dirty and clogged an AC filter can get after even just a couple of months, never mind a whole year or more. Plus, dirt and other particles can and do accumulate on parts of your system, as well.

Bottom line, if you or another family member feels less than 100%, but only while the AC system is on, don’t blame the system. Blame the “stuff” that happened to get in its way, and the kind of stuff we can quickly and effectively help you get rid of. Contact us today for more information or a free in-home quote and consultation.