How to Warm up Your Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than being hit with cold air as you step out of a steamy hot shower. Okay, maybe there’s at least ONE thing worse. You know, like stumbling out of a nice warm bed and sleep walking to your nearest convenience store in your birthday suit in sub-freezing temperatures.

Sorry, but we have no remedy for the latter. On the other hand, we have a few good ideas for warming up your bathroom for a more enjoyable bath or shower experience from beginning to end.

blogThrow In the Towel

For the ultimate in luxury, consider installing a wall-mounted or portable towel warmer. Your towel will warm up while you bathe or shower and be ready to wrap you in comfort when you step out.

Hit the Floor

The most effective way to do away with cold feet forever is to rip up your floor and install an under-floor radiant heating system. This is a highly effective way to heat your entire home, for that matter, as radiant heating offers a number of important advantages. It’s more energy efficient than baseboard heating, uses very little electricity, doesn’t distribute allergens as other heating systems do – just to name a few of the advantages of radiant heating.

Outsmart Your Outfit

Instead of leaving the warmth of a steamy bathroom to get dressed, choose your outfit ahead of time and hang it on the back of the bathroom door. The clothing will be warmed up by the heat in the room and the steam will smooth out small wrinkles, as well. Now that’s a win-win.

Heat it Up

If you want to warm up a room for a short period of time, considering adding a heat lamp. Much more efficient than spiking the thermostat, a heat lamp is a great way to raise the temperature in the bathroom while you bathe or shower. Check your local home improvement store for one that’s right for your space.

Check it Out

If you can’t feel warm air emanating from your forced air register or baseboard heating unit, there could be an air distribution or some other problem with your home heating system. And that’s as good a reason as any to contact the home heating professionals at Optimum Air. We know how much you look forward to your warm bath or shower, so why let a little thing like not enough heat in your bathroom ruin the whole thing for you.

Instead, contact Optimum Air today for timely service and guaranteed satisfactory results.