How to Prepare Your Car for an Emergency.

blogBeing prepared for an emergency means being prepared anywhere. You know, like having what you need, when and where you need it.  And having an action plan in place so you’re not left scratching your head, wondering what to do next.

So, from an unexpected storm, power outage, or car failure, or whatever bit of bad luck you might encounter, here are a few things to remember when preparing your car for an emergency:

Have a first aid kit: Having Band-Aids, tweezers, and hand sanitizer will get you through the basics. You may also want to consider having a towel, tape, rubber bands, and scissors. Lastly, always have a plastic bottle of water in your car. Not for drinking, mind you, but for washing a cut or rinsing out an eye.

Put it in reach: Having everything locked in the trunk may keep things out of the way, but in an emergency you may not be able to get out of the car. Keeping at least some supplies in the car should be part of your plan.

Know what you need: Do you rely on certain meds during the day?  Keeping at least a small supply in your purse or a small bag is another way to travel and be prepared for the worst.  Medications shouldn’t be kept in the car long term, however, since they are not immune to extreme temperatures.

Food and drink: Plastic bottles of water can’t be left in the car for drinking since the chemicals in the plastic leech into the water when left in a hot car. You can, however, store water in metal containers and keep one or more handy along with snacks, energy bars, and dried fruit.

Keep safe: Be sure to have your cell phone car adapter, a flash light, and flares in your car. Also pack a blanket, and even some extra clothes, hats or mittens. If you travel with children, be sure to have enough supplies for everyone, and even a spare stuffed animal that can be packed away for an emergency.

At Optimum Air, we have a lot to do with family safety inside the home by taking extra good care of our many customers’ heating and cooling systems.  If yours haven’t been cleaned and inspected within the past year, call us today to request service, and leave your systems’ ongoing safe operation in our capable hands.