How to Control Indoor Humidity in Euless and Arlington, TX

bloWhen the heat and humidity levels start topping out, you tend to find a lot less people outdoors. And those you do find are probably there because they have no other choice.

High heat combined with high humidity is just plain unpleasant.

But at least you have central air conditioning as an escape valve, right? Well, yes and no. You see, most AC systems aren’t properly equipped to combat high levels of humidity. For that, they need a little help. And now, Optimum Air can provide it with a whole-house humidity control system for your home.

Installed either in your heat pump, furnace, or AC system, it works constantly to keep humidity at comfortable levels, usually between 40 – 50%. You can raise those levels up and down to achieve exactly the right combination of temperature and relative humidity.

You’ll feel more comfortable, of course, but here are some added benefits you’ll enjoy during the summer months:

  • Asthma & allergy relief
  • Elimination of stuffy odors
  • Stops mold and mildew growth
  • Prevents wet stains on walls & ceilings
  • Prevents your floors and other surfaces from getting sticky

Plus, when you keep you indoor humidity down, your doors, hardwood floors, and wood furniture won’t swell up.

A whole-house humidity control system is a low-cost solution to potentially big-time problems. Contact Optimum Air today for a free quote and other home comfort solutions.