How to Choose a Heating and Cooling Company in North Richland Hills and Arlington

Okay, before we provide some guidance on HOW to choose a heating and cooling company, perhaps it would be helpful if we first pointed why you should have just one company handling all your heating and cooling needs.

First of all, who has time these days to conduct a brand new search every time you need some work done at home? Very few people, that’s who. So if you have already have a company you trust for heating or cooling, ask them what they bring to the table for the other, and if it seems like a good fit, you’ve just eliminated a future search while gaining a little extra peace of mind.

You see, HVAC technicians don’t go to school and train to be one or the other: a heating or cooling service professional. It’s a package deal, and you can’t get your license in one without the other. And, for the record, that license also is your assurance of excellence in home ventilation.

Bottom line, it just makes good sense to have one company handling all of your home heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. And now for some tips on how to choose the right service provider for you:

  • Start by asking friends, relatives, and co-workers who they use and their degree of satisfaction with the workmanship and personal service provided.
  • Do an internet search for local “heating and cooling companies” and check both company websites and local reviews.
  • Start narrowing down your list to include those with proof of licensing and insurance.
  • Does a company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau matter to you? If so, add that to your search list.
  • When you’re ready, call two or three finalists and ask to speak to the owner or a service manager, and be sure to explain exactly why you’re calling. You can tell a lot about a company by how they handle a call like that.
  • Be sure to tell them the exact make and model of your home heating and cooling system to verify that they service and repair it.
  • Or, if you’re thinking about replacing one or both home comfort systems, ask them about their system design and installation services.

There are always other questions you can ask, including:

  • “Can I talk with someone you’ve worked for in my area?”
  • “Do you provide 24/7 emergency repairs service?”
  • “Do you offer membership in an annual service plan to help keep my equipment repair free?”

Out of all that, you’re going to learn one more very important detail: do you feel a positive chemistry between you and the company you’re considering hiring?

So, why is Optimum Air – a local heating and cooling service provider – giving you this kind of advice? Because we’re confident we’ll score very high on your tally sheet based on all relevant selection criteria, and we’re not afraid to be compared to others. In fact, we encourage it. Bottom line, once you choose Optimum Air as your home comfort provider, we want you to KNOW you’ve made the right choice.