How Improved Air Circulation Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

The older your AC system, the more it costs to run it – just a simple fact of life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

But that doesn’t mean you should be content with those ever-climbing utility bills. In fact, go ahead and get mad at them if it helps. Even better, resolve to do something about them. Come to think of it, maybe you already are, but are convinced you could still be saving even more money without sacrificing that much-needed cool air.

Well, here’s one such idea on how to lower your cooling costs, one we think you’ll warm up to in a hurry (pardon the expression!)

Open Your Interior Doors, Save Money

The SEER rating of your AC system is only one factor that determines energy efficiency. The system also has to be installed correctly. Gaps or leaks in your air ducts have to be closed or sealed. Your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced about every two weeks. And more.

Ongoing energy-efficient operation also depends on proper internal airflow, and one way to achieve that is to keep inside doors open to rooms that don’t have an AC register or vent.

You see, closing those doors does not prevent the air inside them from escaping. That air, by definition, is warmer than the air in the rest of the house, so your AC system goes into over-drive to cool it off. That leads to added wear and tear, the increased likelihood of repairs, and higher (not lower) energy costs. At the same time, the air escaping those closed-off rooms is often replaced by from air from your water heater and other areas  where contaminants like mold, mildew, and carbon monoxide might exist.

If you’re doing everything you can to keep your house cool and your energy costs down, but it’s not producing the desired end result, contact Optimum Air to schedule a system cleaning and inspection. Regular preventative maintenance is the best way we know of to keep your AC system in peak operating condition while potentially adding years to its lifespan.