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Which Type of New Heating System is Right for You?  Let’s Find Out…Together.

Optimum air Fort Worth Heating3A person can go nuts trying to figure what type of new or replacement heating system to purchase.  So many brands to choose from.  Umpteen models.  Varying degrees of energy efficiency.  Special added features, and so on.

That’s why Optimum Air is on hand to help guide you through the process.  Our home comfort advisors, for example, will help you prioritize and rank your home comfort needs and desires by asking you such questions as:

  • How much you’d like to save on your home heating costs?
  • How long you plan to live in your home?
  • Are you planning to build an addition?
  • Do you spend significantly more time in some parts of your home than others?
  • Are there family health issues that need to be addressed during the system design phase?

We’ll also work with you to establish a comfortable budget range so we can ultimately present you with a range of targeted, effective and realistic new heating system options.

Gas Heating System | Ductless Air System

At Optimum Air, we design, install, maintain, and repair the following types of home heating systems:

Gas Heat – Warm your entire home using safe and reliable gas heat.  The system’s thermostat senses that the room’s temperature is lower than the temperature you set.  That’s when the pilot light clicks on.  Plus, you’ll pay lower utility costs with gas heat than any other type since gas costs less than electricity.  

Electric Heat – Despite having higher monthly operating costs, electric heating systems offer several pluses.  First, no gas line or chimney is needed.  In an electric furnace, air passes through a return and over a heating element where it’s warmed and sent back to heat your home.  Electric heating systems are also ideal for zoned heating, even on a room-to-room basis.

Ductless Air – Ductless air systems can be used to both heat and cool all or part of your home.  It’s a great alternative for homes with no ductwork or as an adjunct to your existing home comfort systems when adding on a new addition.  Ductless systems feature one or more outdoor condensing units, each one capable of supporting up to 5 wall-mounted blowers.  Ductless systems also offer:

Air conditioner

  • Room to room temperature control
  • Super quiet operation
  • Built-in air filtration and humidity control
  • The flexibility to accommodate any size and styel of home

Now you know why ductless air systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Heat Pumps – Heat pumps are the most efficient home comfort systems available.  They combine heating and air conditioning into one neat and super energy efficient package.  These systems provide a very quiet, long-lasting and cost-effective way to circulate heat throughout your home in winter, and cool air when summer makes its return.

Free Heating System Estimates

What will your new heating system look like, what type will it be, what bells and whistles will it come with, and what kind of improvements can you expect in comfort and lower heating costs?

Count on Optimum Air to recommend, design, and install the one heating system that gives you best of all worlds.  Contact us today for a free in-home proposal, and let the process begin!