Heating & Air Companies, and What They Really Offer

Sounds like a trick headline, doesn’t it? As in, “What do heating and cooling companies offer? They offer heating and cooling services – you just said so yourself!”

That’s how most people think about companies like ours. But what if were to tell you that, at least in the case of Optimum Air Co., you also could look forward to absolute control over indoor humidity, cleaner indoor air, lower energy bills, and added safety for your home and family? Chances are you’d want to know how which, as you’ve guessed by now, is the point of this blog.

So let’s take them one at a time:

  • blogHumidity control – You don’t need us to tell you that a hot and humid day is infinitely less comfortable than a day that’s plenty hot, but with low humidity. Well, the same thing implies indoors, too. And with a whole house humidifier and a de-humidifier from Optimum Air, you can enjoy ideal relative humidity conditions all year long. In the winter, for example, that means less static electric shock, great comfort at reduced thermostat settings by raising the humidity levels, fewer bloody noses, no more dried out skin and hair, and so much more.
  • Cleaner indoor air – Did you know that, on average, indoor air in America is twice as polluted as outdoor air? It’s true. That’s why Optimum Air encourages all of our customers to very carefully consider such added home comfort features as whole-house air purification systems that can remove up to 99% of all indoor, airborne pollutants while your heating or cooling system fan is running. The air filters are installed inside your ductwork to trap those pollutants before they can reach your living quarters.
  • Lower energy bills. Just about everything we do is devoted to helping you enjoy maximum indoor comfort at a reduced energy expense. Annual system cleanings and inspections help accomplish that goal, as does properly sizing your new heating or cooling system for maximum energy and operating efficiency. An under-sized system has to work overtime to provide the desired level of comfort while over-sized systems are continuously cycling on and off, and that results in significantly higher-than-necessary energy bills.
  • Added home and family safety. If you have a gas furnace, then you already know it’s capable of leaking gas and/or carbon monoxide into your home, and those are circumstances to be avoided at all cost. And now you have one more reason to have your furnace and AC system professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year, allowing your heating and cooling company to ensure not just maximum operating efficiency, but the maximum in safe operation, too.

Here at Optimum Air, we love the multi-faceted nature of our work, and the many benefits – individually and collectively – we’re capable of providing to each customer we serve. If you see the value of a more complete package of heating and cooling services, why not contact Optimum Air today. We’d love to hear from you.