Furnace Repair Problems in Fort Worth & Arlington, TX

You know how it is here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We’re a summer oriented community.  We thrive on the hot stuff.  Even if we spend half our time complaining about it.

But you want to hear some real complaining?  Come to our office some time and listen in as people call when the first real cold spell tumbles on in.  You’d think Fort Worth had just morphed into Fort Fairbanks.  “I have no heat – HURRY!!!”  And that’s among the milder calls we get.

But it’s all good.  At least when you turn to Optimum Air, that is.  We repair and maintain all makes and models of home heating systems so, even when something goes wrong, we can have your heat back up and running in pretty short order.OPTIMUM FURNACE REPAIR

And while we fix all manner of heating problems, the majority of the calls we get fall into the following categories.

Furnace Filter

You need to clean or replace the filter in your heating system every month.  Otherwise, dirt, debris, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants will collect and build up inside the system.  That, in turn, could lead to overheating, reduced air flow and, worse yet, a crack in the heat exchanger.  Plus, all that dirt is being blown through your ducts, and that’s definitely not what you want to be breathing in.

Reduced Air Flow

If you’re not feeling heat – or enough of it – from any of your registers, there are three likely causes.  In addition to a clogged filter, the problem could be caused by a defective fan.  When Optimum Air is on the scene, we’ll also check your duct work to see if cracks, leaks, or some type of obstruction is preventing your heated air from flowing freely and without escaping into unheated spaces like your attic.

Faulty Thermostat

If you’re thermostat’s not working properly, then there’s not much your heating system can do to keep you comfortable.  That’s one of the first things we check during our in-home troubleshooting.

Ignition System

If there’s a problem with the igniter in your gas or electric heating system, chances are that a small repair will get it working again.  Otherwise, we’ll have to replace the ignition system, which is still a relatively minor problem and expense.

Strange Noises

When things go wrong, you never know what kind of sounds your furnace is capable of making.  Clanking, banging, rattling, and you name it!  If your furnace starts sounding off, call us as it could indicate anything from a loose transformer to a crack in the heat exchanger or even unburned oil in the combustion chamber.  The latter is especially serious as it could lead to carbon monoxide emissions.

Optimum Air:  Your Fort Worth & Arlington Heating Pros

You don’t have to live in Fairbanks Alaska to experience real cold right inside your home.  Things get cold enough right around here, thank you very much.  But fear not:  Optimum Air is on hand to help keep you and your family nice and warm, all winter long.  So, for preventative maintenance, any type of repair work, or a quote on a new or replacement heating system, give us a call and expect the best.  We promise that’s exactly what we’ll deliver.

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