Duct Sealing Reduces Energy Costs in Arlington, TX

Are you having a hard time keeping your Arlington home’s temperature in the comfort zone lately? If so, then the problem could very well be located within your ductwork.index0

Your ducts form a pathway for your HVAC system to deliver heated or cooled air throughout your home or business. If there are gaps, cracks, or loose connections, then your ducts could be losing more than 30% of the conditioned air. Those gaps not only allow air to escape, but can allow allergens, dust, and microorganisms into the air that circulates indoors. Leaking ducts can also contribute to “back-drafting,” which happens when carbon monoxide exhaust produced by some home appliances gets pulled back into the house instead of being circulated outside.

You can detect leaking ducts by looking for the following symptoms:

  • Uneven temperatures throughout your house

  • An increase in respiratory illnesses as a result of excess air pollutants

  • An HVAC that runs very frequently

  • Your utility bill spikes suddenly

Duct sealing is the answer.

Having your ducts inspected and sealed by the professionals at Optimum Air will put a quick stop to the problem of leaking or loosely connected ductwork. And since the cost of heating and cooling your home makes up almost half of your utility bill, repairing your ducts will save you a bundle. You’ll also save money on long-term maintenance and repairs for your heating and cooling system because of reduced stress on your equipment.

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