Common Furnace Problems, and What They Mean

blogYou know when folks complain the most about indoor heat? When it’s completely gone.

At Optimum Air, there are tons we can do to make home heating problems disappear nearly as fast as they crop up. For your part, all you need to do is call us anytime you recognize one of the following symptoms of a faulty furnace or some other component of your home heating system:

“What’s all the racket?” – Furnaces weren’t built to be noisy, but through continued wear and tear and plain old’ neglect, they can be downright raucous. Popping, wheezing, rattling, and banging – if you hear that or any other loud noise, contact us right away so we can quiet it down and help prevent any further damage.

Hot over here, cold over there. – Hot and cold spots are another sign indicating a problem with your heating system. Lets’ say, for example, you have a two-zone system and temperatures are just fine in one zone but not so fine in the other. In that case, the problem is most likely confined to one of the thermostats.

Mega high heating bills. – The surest sign that something’s wrong with your heating system is way over-the-top utility bills. Advanced system age can cause that, as can a dirty or clogged filter. If, for example, your furnace is between 12 and 15 years old and your heating costs just keep climbing, it might be time to replace it. With a new high efficiency furnace working for you, it can pay for itself in as little as three years in energy savings alone.

Lots more dust to contend with. – If you have a forced air heating system and suddenly feel the need to to dust far more frequently, you’re either facing clogged, dirty ducts or a clogged furnace filter. It’s not good for your furniture, and even worse for your health.

And now for some simple and straightforward advice. If you’re having a home heating problem right now, contact Optimum Air for our expert troubleshooting and repair services. If, on the other hand, you’d like your furnace to continue to run problem free, contact us for our multi-step furnace cleaning and inspection service. That enables us to prevent future heating problems while keeping your heating utility costs to a minimum. Optimum Air, your indoor comfort specialists for all reasons and all seasons.