Check Your Kids' Homework in Grand Prairie & Irving, TX

woman sleeping with bookWho doesn’t want their kids to do well in school? When it comes to universal truths, you’d have to call that one of them.

But wanting them to succeed and actually making it happen aren’t always the same thing, and often through no fault of even the most concerned parents. That’s because kids are often more resourceful than we give them credit for.

Take the very bright and socially well-adjusted child who’s under-performing in school, and you just can’t figure out why. Until one day it suddenly hits you: “My child rarely has homework; is there a connection between that and mediocre grades?”

The answer is “probably.” So a good place to start is to ask your kids to show you any school paperwork that has anything to do with homework, including:

  • Course description
  • Syllabus
  • Their journal
  • Daily homework assignments
  • And so on

The earlier you do so in the school year or semester, the less it seems like spying and the more it feels like caring involvement.

If that doesn’t yield any clues as to why so little homework, contact the teacher directly. They’re not happy with talented but under-performing students, either. And don’t be surprised if, during such a conversation, the teacher repeats some of your child’s more recent homework excuses:

  • “I didn’t understand the assignment; can you explain it to me again?”
  • “Sorry, I thought that was due NEXT Monday.”
  • “I don’t even remember the assignment; I think I had to leave early that day.”
  • “I have a job after work and I’ve been really struggling to find time to get my homework done.”
  • “My math teach loads us up every single day, and I just don’t have time to get all my work done.”
  • “Didn’t my Mom contact you? My laptop is out for repairs.”

And those aren’t even the most creative excuses but, teachers being teachers, will usually try to give your little angels the benefit of the doubt – but only to a point.

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