Ceiling Fans add Comfort

Ceiling Fans Make You Feel Warmer, for Less, in Arlington & Fort Worth

Okay, you’ve probably asked yourself this question before, and you may have asked others the same thing:  “If I have central AC and heating, why on earth do I need a ceiling fan other than for decoration?”

At Optimum Air, we hear it all the time and we don’t even install ceiling fans.  But we do advise all our customers to install one or more for added comfort plus lower utility costs, all year long.
Optimum Air Ceiling Fan Arlington
Here’s how that works.

In the summer, a ceiling fan blowing in the forward direction can you make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler.  So, let’s say your comfort level is 72 degrees.  Turn on the fan, set your thermostat to 78, and you’ll have your 72 degree feeling.  And yes, ceiling fans do run on electricity, but you’ll still enjoy a net reduction in energy consumption.

Come winter time, just flip things around:  literally.  As in, set your thermostat to a lower-than-normal temperature and then run your ceiling fan in the opposite direction. The fan will  push the rising heat back down into the room so you’ll feel nice and toasty without having to pump any more out of your furnace.

And speaking of winter, your heating system can perform a whole lot better with a multi-point heating system tune-up and inspection from Optimum Air Co.  Annual system maintenance helps your system last longer, keep your repair costs down; plus, it’s another great way to cut your monthly utility costs.  Contact Optimum Air to schedule service today.

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