Is Your AC System Making You Sick?

Every AC season, people from all over the country rush to their primary care physician or nearest walk-in medical clinic complaining that their AC system is making them sick.  Even if they’re right, they’re wrong. Say what? By itself, your AC system literally does nothing more than remove hot air from your home, thus providing […]

Is Spring the Best Time for an AC Tune-up?

If you subscribe to the belief that there’s a season and reason for everything, then here’s another perfect example:  while there’s almost no bad time for air conditioning preventative maintenance, spring is the best time.  By far! What makes that so?  Several good and practical reasons: Heating and cooling companies have their busy and slow […]

The Truth About Air Conditioning.

During the summer months here in the DFW area, there are two kinds of people:  those who have air conditioning in their homes, and those who don’t.  Among those who don’t, there are also two kinds:  people who genuinely don’t want central AC in their homes, and those who do but have one or more […]

“Does My AC System Need to be Repaired?”

Although there are potentially hundreds of reasons why your home’s central air conditioner may not be working up to par – or working at all – some more frequently occur than others. At Optimum Air, we possess advanced levels of skill and experience in “all things central AC,” and that includes preventative maintenance, system troubleshooting, […]