Average Life Expectancy of an Air Conditioning System

If you can barely remember purchasing your current central AC system, you know it’s getting up there in years. Or perhaps you purchased your home with the system already installed, and you just don’t recall how old it was at the time.

Since central AC systems don’t last forever, it’s always a good idea to find out exactly when your system was manufactured. Just jot down the serial number and look it up on the manufacturer’s website or call the company that installed it for you.

What makes that so important?  Because, on average, central air conditioning systems last between 12 and 15 years. Depending on how well and frequently yours has been maintained, and how often it’s used, it could last even longer.  But “lasting” and functioning up to par aren’t the same thing.  That’s because, even with annual maintenance, your system gradually loses energy efficiency over time.  Typically, for example, a system runs at no better than 60% of its original energy efficiency by the time it’s 8 years old.

As energy efficiency declines, energy costs go up.  You can see that for yourself on your home electricity bills.

Short of complete system failure, therefore, the average life expectancy of your AC system is up to you. Because even though it might still be running, is it really worth keeping if you could save $200 or more per month on your electricity bill with a replacement system?

If you’re system is getting up there in years and you want sound and dependable advice on whether to keep or replace it, contact Optimum Air today.  We have no agenda, just a sincere desire to help our customers enjoy the very best in indoor comfort at the lowest possible net cost.  Today and always, we can do the same for you.