“Must” Home Maintenance Chores

You know the old expression:  “If these walls could talk!” Quaint and wistful, don’t you think? But its core message is that walls really CAN’T talk Not to mention lights, furnaces, AC condensing units, windows, doors and other inanimate objects. Here at Optimum Air, we respectfully disagree. Oh, sure, they can’t actually speak any more […]

House Plants Help Clean Your Indoor Air

In one small way, you actually might be better off in an older, draft house vs. one that’s tightly sealed, just like a modern office building. That’s because air tight buildings typically have little if any fresh air circulation which, in turns, gives indoor air pollutants no means of escaping outdoors.  Hence, the now all-too-familiar […]

How to Ensure Furnace Safety

If your furnace has a pilot light, that’s kind of like having a pet – something else other than your kids that requires regular, if not constant, monitoring.  Not just for the fun of it, mind you, but for the safety of your home and family. Pilot lights – which have been replaced by electronic […]