How to Ensure Furnace Safety

If your furnace has a pilot light, that’s kind of like having a pet – something else other than your kids that requires regular, if not constant, monitoring.  Not just for the fun of it, mind you, but for the safety of your home and family. Pilot lights – which have been replaced by electronic […]

Pet Care Tips for Winter

Winter can be a hazardous time for your cat or dog.  In fact, when you combine frigid outdoor temperatures and chemicals from ice-melting agents, a simple walk around the block can be challenging in the extreme. That’s why we encourage you to follow these seasonal safety precautions: Help prevent dry, itchy skin by keeping your […]

“Why Does My Home Have Hot & Cold Spots?”

As you’re reading this blog, are you sitting comfortably – all warm and cozy – in your favorite room, while elsewhere in your home you might need an extra sweater, slippers, and hand warmers to help prevent frost bite? Voila, hot and cold spots!  A common condition when you have an older heating system, especially […]