New AC System Arlington TX

A New AC System from Optimum Air? It Doesn’t Get Any Cooler than That!

If you buy a recliner, for example, you pay attention to it. You’re conscious of the comfort and relaxation it delivers every time you sit on it. And you admire how nicely it complements the rest of your décor.

Well, we all love our AC systems, too. But it’s not the same. Air conditioning, like heat and hot water, is just something we expect here in Texas. And we don’t really pay attention to it unless, gulp, it should suddenly quit.

If that’s happened to you – or, you’re simply inclined to dump your aging system now before it quits on you later on – then you’ve come to the right place: Optimum Air Co.

We are HVAC professionals who don’t just install new systems. We design each one to match the size and other characteristics unique to your home and family needs.

New AC System Arlington TX

Central air conditioning is the “old faithful” of air conditioning systems. The first one, believe it or not, was installed in 1902 for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Co. in Brooklyn, NY. The inventor? None other than Willis Carrier.

While Mr. Carrier might not recognize his owninvention today, he would marvel at the leaps and bounds that have been made for your greater indoor comfort, including:

• SEER ratings up to 24.5, where the minimum allowable is 13
• Energy efficiency ratings up to 95% and, in some cases, even higher
• Super quiet operation
• Two-speed variable control for improved efficiency and a longer system lifespan
• Optional built-in air filtration systems
• Programmable thermostats for greater control and energy savings

In the design process, we’ll make sure your ductwork is properly sealed and sized, that you have the right number of returns in all the right places, and that any hot spots are made cool by your new system.

Ductless Air Systems Arlington TX

Air conditioner

Just as the name implies, ductless air systems require no ductwork. That means that even if your house can’t have ductwork installed, you can still enjoy all the benefits a central air system has to offer!

Just as with central air, ductless systems have outside condensing units that connect to wall-mounted blowers indoors. Whole-house capability? Absolutely.

Ductless units are also an ideal choice for a new addition or rooms your central AC system can’t reach or a new addition.

Ductless systems are available for cooling only, or heating and cooling combined.

Heat Pumps Arlington TX

A heat pump is the most efficient and economical way to heat and cool your home at the same time. It’s one system that performs both vital functions and, in the process, can reduce your home comfort operating costs by up to 30% and more.

Check Out the Menu, But Ask for the Chef.

It’s nice to know your options, but you need the service of a licensed and experience air conditioning company to help give you the right advice and, ultimately, design and install the right system for your home and budget.

In and around Arlington, that company is Optimum Air, and we invite you to contact us today for a free in-home quote.