8 Handy Uses for Chalk

When you think of chalk, you probably think of math problems on elementary school black boards and sidewalk drawings on a warm summer day. Well, in addition to being a teacher’s helper and childhood favorite, chalk has a host of surprising uses all over the home. From helping out with home improvement tasks to stopping ants in their tracks, this humble, porous, and inexpensive little rock is sure to become a household staple in your home.

Here are 8 unexpected yet very practical uses for chalk.

Prevent Tarnish – Wrap some chalk in cheesecloth and place it in your jewelry box or silverware drawer to prevent sterling silver jewelry and real silverware from tarnishing. It’ll absorb naturally occurring sulfur compounds and moisture, keeping your fine silver shiny and ready for use.

Polish Pewter and Marble – Grind up some chalk, add enough vodka to make a paste, and rub onto your marble or pewter surface. Let sit for about 5 to 10 minutes, rinse, and polish with a soft cloth to remove residue.

Remove Stains – Remove ring around the color and underarm sweat stains by rubbing the stain with white chalk, letting stand for about 10 minutes, and laundering as usual. Tackle a tougher stain like grease by sprinkling the stain with crushed white chalk and letting it sit overnight. Shake off the chalk dust and wash on the warmest water setting safe for the fabric.

Prevent Rust – Place a few sticks of chalk in your toolbox or tool storage container to absorb moisture and prevent your tools from rusting.

Banish Odors – Because chalk is so great at absorbing moisture, it can stop mildew and musty odors in their tracks. Simply place some chalk pieces in an open plastic bag and hang it in the closet, inside the hamper, or throughout a musty basement. Replace the chalk pieces about once a month.

Touch Up Paint – Hide small dings and scratches on walls by smoothing the area with matching chalk.

Stop Ant Infestation – Keep the ants from marching into your home by drawing chalk lines along windowsills, on the insides of door frames, along baseboards, inside cabinets, or any other access points.

Unstick Sticky Locks – Rub some chalk on the teeth of your key and slide it in and out of the lock a few times to remove moisture and dirt that might have accumulated inside the lock.

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