5 Key Benefits of Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

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Not that it’s etched in stone anywhere – at least not to our knowledge – but typically annual preventative maintenance is performed in the spring. Versus, let’s say, now in August when this blog is going to press.

Why the spring? Because that’s the time of year when it’s warm enough to perform this very important and valuable service, but usually not warm enough to be using your system. That’s a win-win for us and you: for us, because our technicians are not yet busy with AC repairs, and good for you because it means a far greater likelihood of any significant downtime with your system during the summer.

First and foremost, your annual AC cleaning and inspection is about making sure there aren’t any problems brewing. If there are, better to fix them before they have a chance to become bigger and more costly. And that’s just reason #1 to make sure your AC system is professionally serviced no less than once a year. Here are four others equal noteworthy:

  1. Longer system lifespan. The better care you take care of your system – and permit us to take care of it for you – the longer it’s going to last.
  1. Maintaining your warranty. If your newer AC system is still under warranty, check it to see if there’s a stipulation that annual preventative maintenance is required to prevent your warranty from being nullified.
  1. Lower utility costs. There’s a lot more to keep a system running efficiently than cleaning or replacing the filter once a month or so. You don’t need us to do that, although it’s included anyway with our multi-point cleaning and inspection package. What you DO need us for are the many other steps that help ensure your system is running just as efficiently as possible.
  1. Consistent temperatures from room to room. Many homes are cooler in some spots than others. With regular maintenance, however, you can help prevent that problem, too. During our inspection, we’ll check to make sure you’re getting equally cool air from every vent or register and, if you’re not, we’ll find out why before the problem gets any worse.

So, is spring the ONLY time to have your AC professionally serviced? Not at all. As the saying goes, it’s better to have service performed late than not at all. That’s why we invite you to contact Optimum Air today. Like you, it’s our goal to help you get the very best your AC system has to offer.